Digital Business Model Generation & Value Proposition Design

May 3, 2016


In our last post we wrote about three critical success factors to build the break-through digital businesses of tomorrow: (1) a robust business model, (2) raising the experience bar and (3) culture. How can we better co-create, sustain and continuously improve digital business models? One part of the answer is to learn from others. For example, Nespresso is offering their customers an App that, besides other features, enables and motivates them to order more Nespresso coffee capsules (as showcased by Gartner in this article). Many businesses have similar opportunities in this B2C or B2B high volumes and high margins Goldilocks zone. Another part of the answer is to approach the generation of business models and value propositions in a way that nurtures co-creation. A supporting framework and toolset that has gained in credence is the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvass developed by Osterwalder and Pigneur. And last but not least, a part of the answer should also be advocacy to transcend both short and long-termism (as expertly done in this Harvard Business Review article).

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